“Tennis not as a hobby,
but as a translation of the
real life made from commitment,
perseverance and hard work.”

After a career as a professional player, Renato Vavassori chooses to stay in tennis field to focus on technical profession. At first Renato realizes that the Italian tennis system, despite having well formed roots, does not produce high-level players. His experience as a professional player enables him to discover some “leaks” in the system that, at national level, are to be found in the mixture of two different approaches to the sport that live in circles, breeding ground for tennis talents.

Tennis says Renato, It ‘s the only sports along with golf, which develops in circles where the amateur activity coexists with the sport. These two approaches to the sport have two souls, two goals and two different reference models”. Starting from this assumption, Renato Vavassori began to envision his idea of technical sport, directed to consider the sport as a discipline to develop their prestative capacities to afford competition and to reach high levels.

Sports not as a hobby, but as a translation of real life made by commitment, perseverance and hard work.

Renato Vavassori first idea begins to shape in 1992 from the venue in Cividino (BS), which opened on 1st May of that year, according to the principles promoted by the Vavassori himself. “I wanted to create a sort of “Tennis Milanello“ without intrusion of amateur and let the athlete be at the center of the sports programs. A development center of performance where higher level players are  reference for those of  lower level, with a clear organization system and important landmarks.

In 2009 modernization of external fields leads the Vavassori Tennis Academy many sports champions and as a special guest: Adriano Panatta whom Renato Vavassori chooses to name the clay courts having recognized him as my childhood idol; an extraordinary person who has enchanted generations of athletes, but also a friend, I hope to engage him in  our staff training.

In addition to the development of Palazzolo, the Milan project starts with the partnership between Vavassori Academy and Milanosport SpA in the management of the tennis project.

In 2012, for the 20th anniversary of the Vavassori Tennis Academy, Angelo Binaghi, President of the Italian Tennis Federation sends greetings to Renato Vavassori Academy which, in the following words, makes its contribution to the celebration: “An Academy, which has grown giving impetus to the regional and national movement thanks to an inexhaustible Tennis School from which prominent names like Francesca Schiavone, Maria Elena Camerin and Simone Bolelli, passed by. During these first 20 years the Academy has had the merit to focus attention on its mission: to train players and players from the ground growing and leading these athletes with healthy principles and values”.

Since then the Academy has further increased providing more and more services to their competitive athletes with a view to a continuous and constant improvement in performance, without prejudice to the teaching methodology, resulted, to date, rewarding.

In May 2017 25th anniversary of Academy will be celebrated; Renato Vavassori affirms to have fulfilled three important goals:

1. Creating top players starting from the ground

2. Training professionals already established players by helping them to improve their rankings

3. Creating the largest private organization system for the identification and support of talents in  tennis, holding out the door, politicians and incompetent “.

New exciting challenges are starting that will leave from further modernization of the structure that will see the complete renovation of the interior courts and the use of new services for the athletes.